What Comes With Your Website Set Up & Launch?

You don't need a fragmented marketing team who can't even generate their own leads. You need someone who can help you spread the buzz before you even launch the finished website!


Here's what you'll be getting when we start working together:

  • Skip the 6-8 Month Learning Curve

    After experimenting for nearly a year and building website after website, and comparing software after software, I finally found a true all-in-one solution MINIMIZING YOUR TOOLING COST!

  • Email, Text, and Full Website Copywriting

    Fugedaboutit is what they say, and I know I misspelled that, but when it comes to copy writing and "making sound awesome" is where we come in. It's important to keep things simple, yet strategic.

  • Offer Construction & Content Strategy

    You're not alone when it comes to being overwhelmed!

    We have you covered because even if the internet dies tomorrow... we can still ensure an organic marketing strategy to bankroll your platform BEFORE LAUNCH!

  • Social Media Workflow Plan

    You need to spend your time on the business and not concerned with how many likes, comments and conversations are being had. You need to stay focused on clients and closings more deals. Period.

  • Sales Support and Appointment Conversions

    Gone are the days of fragmented marketing companies promising you the world when they're only doing a Facebook ad... * yawn *


    Building a brand is the most important, long-term goal we must keep in focus while generating sales and reputation.

  • Secure order

    We consider your trust to the highest standard of security to ensure you have the best experience possible.

  • 24/7 Support & Community

    When building your platform, we will build it considering 

I Little Bit About Me & What Others Are Saying, too...

"I needed a messenger bot at the end of 2019 to sell my program, he put together in a few hours and we made a quick $10,000. I needed my stuff transitioned from Click funnels to Kartra, he did it in a weekend and crushed it. Never complains, great attitude, always gets my stuff done at the drop of a hat. I've worked with a lot of whiny, entitled people on the internet, he's not one of them."      - Kevin Anson

  • Joint Venture Experience

    Jeremy carries extensive experience in discovering winning deal opportunities between business leaders & organizations.

  • Scaled Blue Collar Business at 18 Year Old to Retirement of 65 Year Old Owner

    The first venture Jeremy was partnered on grew to grossing over $250,000 in contracts with enough momentum to retire within several years. 


    The owner is now retired with his sons running the business due to the brand building accomplished.

  • Partnerships in International to Local Brands to Operate at High-Level Optics

    Jeremy has worked with brands, companies, and brands from local to internationally recognized, blessed with a different perspective than most.

  • Over 2 Million Monthly Viewers on Various Social Media Platforms

    Jeremy's content reaches over 2 Million Monthly Viewers across Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Alignable, Quora and more. Now you can benefit also!

  • Background in Non-Profit, Ministerial, and Latin American Project Starts

    Jeremy served on a team, planting a new church in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia resulting in 85 young adults showing up weekly with 35 faithful attendees  every single weekend after 6 months.

  • Cultural Adaptations to Marketing and Business Building to Leverage Guerrilla Marketing Minimizing Advertising Dollars

    Jeremy has scaled businesses using your existing audience and optimizing offers for them to sell themselves without costing you upfront cost to bankroll your venture.

What Others Are Saying, too...

It's not enough to talk about yourself with other people, but to let others do the talking for you. Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.

What is the Process Like?

(1) Creative Planning and Offer Creation for Deliverables

It's so important to have a creative process to outline what your vision truly is so we can "get it out of your heart" and "on paper"... 


This way you can look at everything with a brand new perspective and we can organize everything.

(2) Systems Design and Future Proofing Your Fulfillment

When building your system out, we make sure to cover the copywriting, automation, and design the marketing strategy to cashflow your launch. Watch how people hire you for your more expensive services and getting branding partners WHEN YOU LAUNCH!

(3) Launch & Social Management with Full-Blown Content Creation

It's not enough to just make a website anymore because now people need a system to engage and get results with at the end of the day. IN ADDITION, you need to focus on showing up, getting appointments, and closing new clients.


No amount of fads will matter for the rest of 2020, let's be honest, right?

Buy Now to Get The Streamlined Process & Bring Your Vision Alive

Normally, itemizing everything out, it would normally cost $5,000 total, when strategizing, building out and designing the systems and helping you create the content workflows to help you focus on your business.


Now... you get to benefit from a STREAMLINED PROCESS after a ecade of collected experiences and the ability to cut your execution speed in more than HALF, guaranteed or you'll have your money back.

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!